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"Marla Bingham is an extraordinary performer -- a diva who captivates� Her lightning ability to shift from one specific image to another with all of its contrived intricacy is astounding."

Dance Insider - New York

"...Marla Bingham is one of the contemporary dance world wealthiest heirs drawing ideas not only from 20th century masters but from her own American Indian heritage..."

Reed Johnson- Los Angeles Daily News

"...Marla Bingham is possessed of a stunning line, unerring passion and an intense determination..."

Victoria Looseleaf - Los Angeles Times


Marla Bingham's liquid imagery - Photo Vital OptionsLos Angeles Times
Saturday July 15, 2000
An Exciting Night of Ballet, Piano Improv
Dance Review (excerpts)
By Lewis Segal
Times Dance Critic

Swirling across a small carpeted stage at the Skirball Cultural Center on Thursday, Marla Bingham danced with such a powerful expressive focus, and such unerring technical surety, that it became hard to believe that this locally based choreographer and teacher was making up her solo moment by moment.

However, this exciting 'Dance of Life' benefit program for the Vital Options cancer support network coupled Bingham's improvisational dancing with equally impromptu pianism by film and television composer William Goldstein. As Vital Options founder Selma R. Schimmel explained in her opening remarks: "We don't know what we will see and hear tonight, and neither do they."

Maybe not, but liquid imagery unified the first half of Bingham 10-minute performance, from her metaphoric use of a gleaming aqua cape to her surging, eddying paths. Improvising classical ballet can be risky even on an ideal floor, so it was understandable that Bingham wore soft slippers rather than pointe shoes. But her hyperextended classical line gave an extra sheen even to the passages later in the solo where she explored a quick, sharp, darting image of motion punctuated by moments of smiling stillness�.

Firebird Fever
Dance Spirit Magazine
January 2001

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